​Authentic heritage

Sweet making is an art that takes an age to learn properly.

​Within our young and dynamic team we have people who have spent more years than they care to remember learning this art. The machinery is of the highest quality and of classic vintage. Constant nurture is delivered by our committed engineering team who just love those machines and will do anything to keep them out of a museum!

​I have been making sweets in Crediton for over 20 years and it is like one big happy family!

Neil Peters, Factory Manager

The Characters

Neil, Mark, Andy and Grant

The Process Crew

Neil and Mark run the two production shifts, Andy is our master cooker and Grant pans to perfection. Neil also doubles as Crediton’s answer to Fireman Sam

Gill, Monica and Megan

The Packing Crew

The girls who pack the product, bags, tubs, boxes and bulk. Gill – a secret motorbike enthusiast keeps the packing team running like clockwork.

Richard, Stuart and Jordan

The Engineers

The guys who keep the machines running. Completely devoted to anything mechanical, two wheels or four, as long as it was not built this century!

Laurence, DJ and Dave

The Warehouse Team

These men make sure the product reaches you when you need it in perfect condition

Matt, Jayne, and Lucy

The Back Office

Behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly