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Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge

What? It’s got nothing to do with fish?​

​Well, not exactly. We’ve got more than our fair share of sea down here in Devon, but you’ve got to be careful mixing marine stuff with sweets (our kipper gobstoppers didn’t go down too well, literally).

Scrumptious sea salt, however is a different kettle of fish and we’ve discovered it blends swimmingly with creamy caramel in this delectable fudge.

Apple & Cinnamon Fudge

Not an Arrow in sight?​

​Commiserations, amateur archers. William Tell may have used apples perched on people’s heads as target practice, but at Bristows we make sweets not war.

We think its far more productive (and less death-defying) to combine juicy apples with scrumptious cinnamon. The result is this tantalising fudge that’ll leave you quivering with delight.

Chilli & Chocolate Fudge

​It’s got naff-all to do with Penguins?

​Apologies, ornithologists. We love our little feather flippered friends, but our quest for fudge flavour combinations didn’t take us anywhere near Antarctica.

Quite the opposite: we got hot under the colour testing all manner of fiery chillies until we found one with a zing that perfectly complimented our rich, smooth chocolate in this phenomenal fudge.

Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge