About us

​​The current team was put together by David Ives in 2011 to acquire the old Bristows business. Tired of managing turnarounds for banks in London, David wanted an exciting challenge of his own, that this business is based within striking distance of his Cornwall home was not a coincidence.

The existing team was enhanced by the addition of David’s daughter Danielle who was persuaded to abandon her burgeoning career in retail to help put the business on the right track.

We do it because we think we have a great product that we have a duty to share with the rest of the world. We are completely committed to quality, we only want to make high quality sweets. We only sell what we make, nothing is bought in.

​We love doing what we do because it is fun. What could be better than producing great sweets in the idyllic surroundings of the west country.

Our Location

​We can be found in the lovely Devon town of Crediton in the heart of the Devon countryside, 7 miles from Exeter.

Crediton is famous not only for the creation of some of the finest confectionery in the world but also as the birthplace of St. Boniface 680. What did he do? He brought Christianity to the then heathen Germans.

It is also the home of the creedy duck found on many of the best west country menus. Natives of Crediton are known as kirtonians.

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