Welcome to Crediton Confectionery

Crediton Confectionery is a manufacturer of a range of sweets.

Based in the rolling hills of mid-Devon we make traditional and modern sweets using largely manually based manufacturing processes developed over eighty years since the business’ formation in 1932. Since the business was acquired by its current management team in 2011 the existing ranges have been enhanced and new ranges added. We intend to continue to develop new product based around natural flavours and colours to add to the excitement delivered to our customers.

Buy in Bulk

As well as producing sweets for use in our branded bags we also produce sweets for purchase in bulk bags or jars that can be repackaged into your own bags, as weigh out product or resold in bags. We can also manufacture and pack to your own specification for the home or export markets.

To find out more contact the Sales team on 01363 774631 or sales@creditonconfectionery.co.uk

Want to find out more about us and what products we have? Give us a call or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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